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Buy local, pay mobile

Brand strategy and design
Create brand identity

Bye cash, hi phone

Cashfree wanted to challenge the current payment systems in Belgium and introduces a new mobile payment app. The app empowers the direct user (merchants) as well as the end user (consumers), since the transaction is completely mobile. To make a real difference compared to other players in the market Cashfree puts more emphasis on local businesses and entrepreneurs. Cashfree is conquering Ghent first. The rest of Belgium will follow soon.

To point out the brand’s unique position we came up with the catchphrase “Lokaal halen, mobiel betalen” meaning “Buy local, pay mobile” to strengthen its local connection.

Strikethrough the past
It’s clear that we’re facing a new era. One without tangible money. It’s all about digital and numbers now. Say goodbye to an old-fashioned way of paying and use only your mobile phone from now on.
When creating the brand’s identity we took this quite literally by striking through the word that belongs to the past and welcoming all the things we’re able to buy with just a simple mobile transaction. The bar used to strike through became a true signifier by using it as a rectangle - always in the same three recognizable colours - to extend the graphical world of Cashfree.

In combination with a bold font and energetic fresh colours we show the audience there’s a new kid in town. A brand that knows what you need now and in the nearby future.

Cashfree makes life easier by (finally) saying goodbye to cash for good.